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Some of my favorite porn are vintage pictures of models like the ones in these sensual photos of topless, sexy women of days gone by. This near naked beauty, with her round, perky, breasts makes a simple act like smoking incredibly sexy.
vintage naughty girls titties picture
vintage naughty girls titties picture
This lusciously topless vintage girl looks very relaxed as she splays her saucy breasts for our delighted eyes. Her old style sexy boots and underpants, give me that idea that she was a little shy about doing something this naughty for the first time. Years later, we can still thank her for being a little sexually naughty that day.
How interesting it is, that the porn of yesterday, that was so very scandalous is considered just sensually beautiful nude art today. This naked lady stands so regally as she bares her delicious breasts to the camera and now to our descriminating eyes.
vintage naughty girls titties picture
vintage naughty girls titties picture
Alas, here is another work of sensual nude art that I felt I must share with you. Along with her delightful breasts sweetly displayed for our viewing pleasure, this sexy vintage model seems to be offering us something slightly naughty with her eyes. I would have loved to have been the one she was offering her "naughty" to.
Who do you think this vintage beauty was thinking of as she sat so sensually in that chair? Or maybe she was sitting there nude with her lovely breasts bared and only a naughty little smile and that little scarf to cover her pussy, waiting patiently for her man to come home. Even a hundred years later, I wish I was him.

Would you like to see WHAT he found when he got home?!
vintage naughty girls titties picture

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